Welcome to Benjamin Farms where we specialize in bringing you the best tasting, highly nutritious, and easy to prepare dehydrated eggs. Our chickens are fed a highly rich and nutritious diet supplemented with natural plants like grasses and clover. Our chickens are also "free range". We personally dehydrate, package, and ship our product out directly to you; that way we oversee every step of the process to ensure you receive the highest quality product available!
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​We are located in Ellenboro, NC  28040


~ Our Chickens ~
* Are raised "free-range"​* Produce medium to jumbo size eggs with large yolks​​​
Are fed with a complete layer nutritional feed 
* Also fed with natural plants like grasses and clover​

Benjamin Farms dehydrated eggs are a perfect solution for long term storage (over 5 year shelf life*), disaster scenarios (end times preparation), camping, baking, or just to save cabinet space.
Triple Play (36+ Dehydrated Eggs)          $19.99
Baker's Dozen(13 Dehydrated Eggs)        $9.99
Weekend Camper (6 Dehydrated Eggs) $6.99
Larger Bulk Order     $ Call
Our Packaging:
*Our dehydrated eggs are packaged in Mylar pouches. The Mylar pouches have oxygen absorbers inside the bag. Stored in the absence of oxygen and placed in a cool storage environment, powdered eggs have a storage life of 5 to 10 years. Questions? Email us here.
**Benjamin Farms accepts credit cards and payment through Paypal. When you place your order, you will be directed to a Paypal invoice showing our email: chadandmarilyn4israel@gmail.com
​We are the owners of Benjamin Farms ! 

​Sorry, orders only shipped to lower 48 of USA.)

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